Averaged Portrait (Visual)

This unit is all about improving the photography skills. Personally, I know how to use a DSLR camera for most basic things and obviously know how to use my phone camera too. Great thing I love about my course is I continue to learn new photography skills all the time. I have just started work in a photography studio for one of my modules.

For this assignment, I had to use the assignment bank to create pieces of visual work that would add up to an 8 star rating. My first is this project:


The concept behind this visual project was to make a portrait of someone or myself and using Photoshop make it an unusual looking portrait using layers.

I took many pictures of my boyfriend looking in different directions and merged them into one image, layering and using opacity to blend them. What I like about this is that the strangeness of the concept of the portrait matches the bizarre shirt design he said he’d wear for it…

I suppose the assignment bank suggests doing something like this but in my A-Level Media work I had used layering like this before so the inspiration was to do something similar. However, my A-Level work was a lot more dark and moody (a totally different genre), and I would say this is a much brighter interpretation and conveys something more positive.

I really like this type of photography as you can convey different emotions and I like the idea of numerous connatations it presents

4.5/8 stars Completed!



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