Motivational Poster (Design)

For this assignment, the aim was to create a motivational/humourous/sarcastic poster. This is worth 3 out of 8 stars.

My finished product looks like this:

Design Assignment

Two things that made me create this:

  1. I first thought I’d do a different Ice Age quote which is still from Sid the Sloth; “ahh you know me, I’m too lazy to hold a grudge” and I would title it “Me”. However I came across this picture in my search and changed my mind.
  2. What made me final come to this was the thought I had for it (being the title and quote it is) in recent experience and indeed in this situation.

I like this as it’s quite relatable to many people. I suppose the idea od these if they aren’t for motivation, they are for humour. These are quite fun little things to create and can be very relatable to others as well as perhaps expressing emotion or fulfilment in the topic chosen, be it motivational or humour.

3/8 Stars Completed!

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