Minimalist TV/Movie Poster (Design)

Still in design I have now completed this 3.5/5 stars assignment. This assignment consists of designing a minimalistic movie poster:

movie poster

Trying to go with the sense of minimalism I have used 2 icons as my images, some text for featured stars and also the title name. I have also added a space background faded into the background using opacity on Photoshop so although it perhaps has more than what be classed as ‘minimalist‘ I believe for a movie poster it has to tell you partially what it’s about.

What I see when I look at it and how I wanted to convey it:

  • Icons: A product of the internet. The symbol which represents the internet has a lock. This could suggest privacy but also entrapment. Which leads to the title.
  • Locked in(ternet): Locked in, conveying the entrapment, yet is it locked in for your own privacy and choice or is it because you’ve been forced into it?
  • Space background: As users of the World Wide Web we are like stars in space. Millions of us using millions of different things. Sometime you can find yourself lost.

How I made this:

  1. Found my images online and placed them into a new composition in Photoshop.
  2. Using the paint bucket tool I changed the icons to white instead of black so they were visible against the dark background.
  3. Then added the background space layer and making sure it was at the bottom of the layers list.
  4. Then selecting the space background layer, I reduced the opacity in order for it not to be so prominent.
  5. Finally, adding the text by using the text tool and typing the title and names.
Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 17.14.19.png

Here is the composition. Along the top you can see the numerous sources used where they have then been added to the layers (on the right hand side) and also on the left side is the tools panel.

On the top of internet use, It’s so important to use the internet safely by securing passwords, being careful who you talk to etc. We have all heard of the things that can go wrong with using the internet yet are naive to think these things would never happen to us until they do. I myself as a generation brought up with the internet am also at fault for this. However, also brought up by parents who didn’t really grow up with this level of technology force their worries on to myself at times with the likes of cyber bullying and password protection.

My fear of the internet: Not knowing who is watching you or able to affect your life while remaining anonymous.

My love of the internet: The flexibility, the accessibility, the speed it evolves.

6.5 stars completed!


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