Auditory Hell (Audio)

For this assignment I had to think of the worst sounds I’ve heard or could think of, and put them into one soundtrack which would make anyone cringe.

The process:

  1. Firstly, I thought about the sounds I disliked or make me cringe. I then went to find them on YouTube where I could convert into MP3. I had tried to use royalty free websites, however with a lot of them I had to install things onto my computer which I wasn’t too keen on with viruses and all sorts of things I could actually end up downloading instead.
  2. From YouTube I would then use a online converter by copying the URL into the converter.
  3. I would repeat the process until I have 4/5 sound as briefed.
  4. Next, putting the numerous files together. By importing them into audacity I was able to trim sections down using the trim tool.
  5. Most of the sounds are pretty painful to listen to as they are so I havent changed any settings.
  6. Then, just a case of overlapping them at the ends/beginnings so they smoothly change.
  7. Finally, for an added horror I decided to place all the sounds on top of each other to play over each other simultaneously.

Converter Website – One converted the file is downloaded.

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 14.44.14

Editing programme – Audacity

Why I used these sounds:

  • Nails on the Chalkboard – I went with an obvious one here admittedly. This is a typical sound people tend to dislike. It does quite make the hairs stand up though so it might be obvious but its also a classic!
  • Pitch Frequency – This one is just brilliant! The build up is just so painful and sounds like it lasts forever. The way the pitch gets higher and higher is quite unbareable. I chopped this file down as even I couldn’t listen to the full thing, but if you feel up t it the link is below!! 😉
  • Alarm – come on… no-one like the sound of their alarm!
  • Baby Crying – I got this idea after once watching a programme called SAS: Who Dares Wins and one of the torture methods they use to try to crack the participants is to sit them in the stress position and listen to a baby crying… non stop, for maybe a couple of hours. This gave me the idea to use this as a distressing sound one might hear.
  • Screaming – Scream is associated with fear and the sound can be quite shivering and I think partly that’s knowing that a person is also in danger. Again, this is more of a distressing sound.
  • I decided to put these sounds together as one at the end just to give an overwelming feeling of discomfort.


Nails on a Chalkboard

Different Pitch Frequency

Radar Alarm

Baby Crying



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