Google Draw Something (Web)

This was surprisingly very difficult!!

This assignment was to use a site called Quick Draw with Google.  The aim of the site is Google will randomly produce a word descirbing an object and I would then need to draw the object using my computer mouse on the screen. Google then tries to guess what the object is within 20 seconds. See my results below:


So some of them were easily guessed within seconds. Others I had to think how I could illustrate the object more efficiently. I wouldn’t class myself as a good sketcher anyway and it’s shown in this. This is fairly hard as I suppose everyone has a different perspective of what things look like and then I suppose Google has its own too.

I’m going to try to improve this…


One better! It’s actually very good fun even though it’s hard. It’s also almost addictive.

One of the funniest guesses it made was on the feather drawing when Google said “I see the Great Wall of China”. Thanks Google, didn’t realise my drawing was that bad until I met you!


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