Superhuman In Everyday Life (Mash Up)

This assignment was to place the superhero you would like to be in an everyday setting and explain why you want to be them in this scene:

busy-street-nyc-2010 copy

IronWoman in a busy NYC street.

My choice of superhero would be Ironman/Tony Stark. Being as I’m not male I’ve found a female version of his character.

Reasons I love Iron Man:

  • He’s super cool
  • He’s super rich
  • He saves the world
  • He’s extremely intelligent
  • He’s got some super cool tech stuff that is beyond your imagination.

So why I’d want to be Ironwoman in NYC…

I love NYC and being able to fly over it would be amazing. Seeing it from high in the sky or I could weave in and out of its blocks at a low-level and take in all the detail. The other thing with flying is that I could avoid all the rush hour traffic or just ‘normal’ NYC traffic seeing as New York tends to always be that way.

I could also afford a lovely apartment in NYC with all my wealth, I’d be very popular and well known by the locals and all the technology; I could be super lazy and get it to do everything for me.

How I created this:

  • Like my other Photoshop work its pretty simple.
  • Taking the character and using quick select to only select the character and not the backgrund and then using the mouse select to drag it over to the street image.
  • From here i used transform to resize and move the character into position on the street image.
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