DS106ers React! (Video)

For this assignment I had to create one of YouTube’s most uploaded video contents. A reaction video. Basically, the idea is to film yourself watching a video where you then capture the creators instant reactions to whatever is going on.

Here is my video: (Unfortunately the audio from the video I watched doesn’t play)

I have seen a handful of these types of videos and personally I don’t have a big interest in them because if I want to watch the video they are watching, I will just watch it myself. It all depends on what the content is. In my opinion I think the majority of YouTubers who produce this kind of content fake their reaction in order to get views and likes on their channel.

However, one channel that uploads these kind of video with a twist is The Fine Brothers who upload to a channel called REACT. These are reactions to all sorts of video content. However, they film different audiences; whether it be grandparents, celebrities or people we don’t even know or recognise. I like these as the reactions seem a lot more genuine instead of the fake ones the creators make of themselves. It adds more realism to the concept of reaction videos.

Check out one of their videos here:

Another channel that I like to watch that does something similar within their video content is The Slow Mo Guys. Now, they don’t quite react like you’ve seen in the previous examples I’ve given, but they do watch back what they have just filmed and give a quick off the cuff reaction themselves.

(If you skip to 4:00 on the video you’ll see them react)

How I created my react video:

  • I used a software called OBS which allowed me to record myself and play the video layered inside it.
  • Like I previously said the audio from the video I placed in my own didn’t work and I’m not sure why but I think I narrated a lot throughout the video so it easier to tell what is going on.
  • Once the video was completed it automatically saves into my document.
  • Then I uploaded the video to YouTube where I have then used the URL to copy and paste into this blog.
  • The video I reacted to can be found here.


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