Animals Doing Funny Things (GIF)

When you walk past a classroom your mate is in and you’re trying to distract them…


For this assignment, I had to produce an animated GIF of an animal doing something funny. I found this video on an Instagram from an account called ‘UNILAD‘. I then imagined the times when I have myself seen a friend in another classroom and tried to distract them and vice versa.

I liked the idea of creating this GIF and making a meme from it that describes a relatable scenario that a majority of people have been through. This is one of them I believe.

How I made this GIF:

  • Firstly, I found the video after searching high and low for an appropriate video which I could use and make a meme from.
  • I then used a video to MP4 converter to save the file to my documents so I could then start creating the GIF.
  • Once opening Adobe Photoshop, I then went to windows – Timeline so the composition timeline would appear at the bottom.
  • Next, I imported the video file and chose the options as below:Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 19.21.50
  • Once I had selected the frames I wanted I could then adjust the length of time each frame is shown. Set to 0.03 it quickly flicks through at a ‘normal’ speed.
  • Finally, exporting the file. File – Save to web and then just uploading the GIF to this blog post.


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TAG a mate and say nothing 😂😂

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