Hi there! Welcome to FISH OUT OF WATER.

I’ve created this blog as part of my Media Production course at DeMontfort University. This module is Social Media Production DS106 (TECH2002). 


Me, March 2017

10 Things You Should Know About Me:

  1. My name is Charlotte Fish, I’m 19 years old from a small village in East Yorkshire where I have spent my life up until coming to university in Leicester.
  2. I’ve been a keen squash player since the age of 8, playing competitively and for fun which has really added to my character, shown me opportunities and given me new friends.
  3. I love music, whether it’s to chill, to dance, to clean (because of course the vacuum doubles up as a guitar…duh), to exercise, you name it music goes with everything. What type of music do you listen to? Anything, my range of music fits with my range of lifestyle…depends what I’m doing and how I’m feeling.
  4. I love films. Part of my passion to study media is that I would binge watch films all day if I didn’t feel the guilt of doing nothing useful. I love a good romantic film, comedy, action, adventure, occasionally thrillers and sci-fi.
  5. Photography is another passion of mine. I’m not amazing at it but I love to learn about it on my course as it’s a potential for something I want to do as well as moving image.
  6. I’m Charlotte and I’m a chocoholic…there I said it!!
  7. I really really really want to travel. I love seeing new place, of course getting a tan but seeing new cultures and history in places that I didn’t know existed. I have recently combined some of my travels with creating travel videos for my Youtube channel.
  8. As well as my travel destinations, on my bucket list I also planned to learn guitar, piano, surf, skateboard and snowboard.
  9. I love making people laugh, seeing people happy is something you can’t buy. Happiness is key in life and if I can make a little of it – that makes me happy…win win!
  10. Yes, my last name is Fish. Can’t say I’ve heard many jokes about my last name but I’m sure if you’ve got one in mind I’ve probably already heard it.


Hope you have learnt something about me by reading this and I hope you look forward to seeing some of my posts. Peace out✌🏽