Unit 3 – Five Card Flickr Story

My Five Card Flickr Story

Five Card Story: The Road Trip

a Five Card Flickr story created by Charlotte Fish

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by cogdogblog

flickr photo by bionicteaching

flickr photo by bionicteaching

This unit is all about telling stories.

This task is different from anything I’ve previously done to tell a story so was a nice and fun change. Basically what happens is you click this link and it will take you to the official site of the game. You will be given randomly generated pictures from Flickr and then you chose 5 and make a story from them. This is a great way to test your imagination and play around with different ideas.

Another way of doing this is to go onto Flickr and search a chosen topic area and then make a story from them by saving (and referencing your source) then putting it into your blog and creating your story from there.

Your turn now…


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Unit 3 – Telling a Story

The task for this unit was to watch this video and use the way Kurt Vonnegut uses the principle of storytelling in our own version of a story.

To start with I used a graph much like the one Vonnegut produces, this can be seen below. This gave me an opportuity to highlight the main areas of the story and what is a high and what is a low in terms of happiness. I chose to do Titanic as my story as it’s well known by many and is a rollercoaster of emotions.


I then used this site to make a storyboard of events.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 19.12.46Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 19.12.51Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 19.26.40

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#tdc2132 Then & Now: Recreate a Childhood Photo

I imagine I found this more comfortable then, then I do now…

Tried my best to match up the clothes and the teddys label over my eye too. If we are also giving photo credit, I’d like to give it to my Mum for both pictures!

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#tdc2131 What is Hidden inside Room 106?

My first thought for this blog would be to think of something scary to be behind the door. Then I thought why should it be something scary?

My choice for ‘Whats is Hidden inside Room 106’ is my boyfriends incredibly cute cat!

His name is Muppet and is the most characteristic cat I’ve seen. I don’t usually like cats but when I met him he was so soft and gentle but don’t get me wrong when he’s grumpy, he is grumpy!

As you can see the fur is super soft but his fur also camouflages into the carpet… which I’ve been told has been a trip hazard at times!


Anyway, nothing too scary just a really cute cat.

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#tdc2128 How well do you know your earth? Story it

Before seeing this Daily Create I’d seen a few people using this game during lectures and practical sessions and wondered what it was.

This game is entales Google Maps dropping you in a random location on planet earth and then using your surroundings to guess where abouts you’ve been dropped. You then use a map on the right side of the screen to drop a flag in the place you think it is.

This is my result on Earth Picker:

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 17.54.15


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Assignment 1 – “Say it Like the Peanut Butter,”

The assignment brief is to create an Animated GIF using clips from my favourite or least favourite film. Now, I’m a bit obsessed with watching films, as in I will watch films all day if I could no matter if they are considered to be bad films or good films. I watch anything and normally find them all pretty good.

Now my all time favourite film has to be Grease (1978), I just love the energy, the romance, the music, just everything. I remember ebing very young and playing the film in the living room and dancing and singing along to it from probably the age of 5 or 6. I love the chemistry the characters have, the friendships, the style of the characters and how it can go from being fairly sad to very upbeat within seconds.

My favourite scene has to be the one I’ve used for this part of my assignment. The end musical to ‘You’re the One that I Want‘. So I went about creating my GIF from here which actually proved quite difficult because there was so much of it I wanted to use. Here is my GIF:


OH, and another one because I could just stick with this section:


Admittedly, my first one is probably a little too long but the whole thing is just too good!! I just love how she is so confident and sexy and really showing how being a women is something to empower. The one word I’d chose to decribe that GIF is ‘SASS


Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 12.54.33.png

I used Adobe Photoshop CC 2014. I followed instructions I found online. The first one I found and followed didnt get me very far. These Instructions were for using images layered but i didnt have a sequence of images that matches that I could find from Google Images allowing me to do this so I came to a dead end when the images didnt play in a sequence as such.

My next thing was to see if I could use a movie clip found online and then make that into a GIF. These instructions I found from a questions and anwers forum. The first responding answer what the instructions I used. First of I downloaded the clip which I was going to be using and then followed the step by step instructions by importing the file and using timeline. I then cut the clip down into a more GIF length animation by deleting numerous frames. Then simply save and use.

This was a fairly easy and fun exercise to complete.


Grease Video


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#tdc2125 A New Pledge

November 3rd, 2017

“Suggest an alternative to the (US) “Pledge of Allegiance” as a way for school kids to start each day.”

“Pledge of Kindness”

We can all be nice to someone today and let the love spread… The world is always lacking love of kindness so be nice to someone today and see what they’re reaction is and that may be passed onto someone else and onto someone else…

I once saw this video on Facebook. It shows how be kind to one another spreads and you feel happier about helping others and you don’t even need to know the person.


  1. http://www.frillsandtrills.com/2015/01/15/be-polite/
  2. http://redfairyproject.com/2015/10/be-kind-even-to-mean-people/
  3. https://www.flickr.com/photos/snoshuu/2744476573
  4. http://eddiekonold.com/about-eddie-konold/about-the-be-loving-project/
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#tdc2121 Doubles

Not seen or made today but a bit of a throwback too…


Me and my best friend, Tweedle Dum & Tweedle Dee…Double!

At a friends birthday party me and my friend chose to go as Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. We did this as many times we’ve been told we look like each other, been asked “Are you two related?” or “Is that your brother?”… personally I dont see it, I mean we both wear glasses and have know each other since we were really small so are really close and know a lot about each other… but no we are’nt related!!

On the other hand, we have also taken advantage of peoples confusion from time to time and have manged to successfully trick people into actually believing we are and making up a huge back story as to why we have different surnames. I’d just like to point out this people put the idea in their own heads and we just played along with it!! I guess that makes another double then. Double Trouble!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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#tdc2115 Let’s Draw Small

img_7941.jpgWhat? No-one said it had to be anything fancy… why make it harder for myself

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Unit 1 – What is Social Media Production?

Lets break this down…

What is Social?

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 11.51.18

To me, ‘Social’ means to connect, interact, be a part of others in the world whether that be through the internet or in true human form. To be social, you have to be able to interact with others in order to learn more about them, become close to them, and some times even just to be polite.

I say this as we often call people out for being unsociable, for example when someone is on their phone at meal times or when you’ve gone out with you friends to spend time with them and you are all sat on your phones not talking. Is technology to blame for some of us being unsociable as well as sociable?

What is Media?


What does it mean to mean? I agree with this definition very much, media is all around us in that sense but would we class technology as media being the source of producing and delivering mass communication.

Media is so good for getting a message out to all those you intend to reach plus those who stubble across it. Media is something that can easily be viral, also so easily that anyone can do it with access to a video/audio recorder, a laptop and a YouTube or social media account like Facebook or twitter where it can be posted, repost/retweeted and then seen by millions within a matter of 10 minutes.



What is Production?

Production in media terms is the process of making something from scratch, being creative and using the correct tools and software to create something with quality.  Most productions are based on entertainment, either that or to inform an audience. Productions then have to be tailor in a way to interest and fulfill its goal.

What is Social Media Production?

Well, I’d personally say its elements of everything within this article. Everything in this article relates to a part of social media production whether you are a creator or consumer or even both, a prosumer. 


  1. http://allennance.com/2013/09/roadshow/
  2. https://condescention.wordpress.com
  3. http://agilesearchmarketing.com/2015/10/26/b2b-social-media-marketing/
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